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Upcoming Holidays and Events

Two great ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast

Tonto is offering you everything you need to celebrate your Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. Either make reservations to join us at Tonto, on Thanksgiving day, or pick up the complete meal the day before, heat it up and enjoy! Autumn’s edible bounty awaits you…
Click on the photo below for complete details.

Purchase Gift Cards

Click here to purchase gift cards

Our gift cards are perfect for friends, family and business associates, and are available online in denominations of $15, $25, $50, $75, $100, up to $500.
Shipping: Gift cards are $2.


Check Out Our Weekly Specials

Our Chef and Sous Chefs plan in advance to dream up a list of tasty lunch and dinner specials for every day. We post them every Sunday for the entire week as well as the specials of the day and photos on our Facebook page.