Uniquely Arizonan? That’s Us!

If you saw the Things to Do section of today’s Arizona Republic, you might have seen restaurant critic Howard Seftel’s “Top 10 restaurants unique to our state.” Among the “unique” offerings: sticky buns at El Chorro, cochinita pibil at Barrio Café and buffalo tenderloin at Kai.

While we’re big fans of these restaurants and most places on the list, we wanted to point out Tonto Bar & Grill is by far the most Arizona-oriented restaurant we know.

Tonto uses more foraged desert ingredients than any other restaurant in town. Our chefs harvest ocotillos flowers, mesquite beans, cholla buds, jojoba seeds, and saguaro, prickly pear and yucca baccata fruit. We support and sponsor Native Seeds/SEARCH and TOCA. Our building used to be an actual dude ranch. The restaurant is respectfully named after a prominent American Indian tribe from Arizona, the Tonto Apache.

Read more about our rich history and native-inspired food sourcing on our web site. Click on “About” and then “History” or “Tonto’s Pantry.”

We also would like to point out we’ve served game meats such as buffalo, elk and quail long before Kai was a gleam in anyone’s eye, and we are a “from scratch” operation, making everything from soups and sauces to breads and desserts in-house daily.

Hard work, quality ingredients and respect for the land and history that came before us – what could be more truly Arizonan?