‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at Tonto Bar and Grill

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Twas the Night Before Christmas at Tonto Bar and Grill

’Twas the Night before Christmas at Tonto

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through Tonto
The place was a-buzzing with warm Christmas glow.
Chef Ryan was stirring the squash bisque with care
While sizzling pork tenderloin scented the air.

Julie in her kerchief and Brittany in plaid
Had just filled their orders, and people were glad.
Cody and Barb looked o’er the dining room with care,
Knowing that loved ones would fill every chair.

When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter,
And Candy yelled, “Whoa! What the heck is the matter?!”
And to the window Smitty then flew like a flash,
Jumping and clicking his mouth as he dashed.

Rancho Mañana moonlight was a beautiful sight,
There was no sign of what made that big thump in the night.
When, what did his eyes spot in the warm moonlight glow –
But a jolly old man atop a piebald pinto!

The little old rider, so lively so quick,
Smitty thought for a moment, “It must be St. Nick!”
With speed like a hawk, that horseman did ride
Toward Tonto, his saddlebags packed by his side.

“The legend, it’s true!” Smitty thought with a start,
And Christmas joy snuck in and entered his heart.
“Hey John, come and see this!” he yelled with excitement,
Though his long-nurtured doubts filled him full of contritement.

And then in a dust cloud, the young steed did halt,
His hooves clicking loudly on solid asphalt.
The rider in red, his coat made of leather,
The two men would have fallen if struck by a feather.

In the dark of the night, in the shade of his brim,
The man chuckled heartily; it shook every limb.
In the doorway they stood, still in disbelief
And the jolly man noticed and said, “Guys, good grief!”

With the sound of his voice and the tip of his hat,
The men quickly realized it was Eric Flatt.
They gazed at the horse and the gifts that it bore
And knew that the evening had ‘special’ in store.

For nothing’s more important than the kindness of friends,
And sharing good laughs in the time that we spend.
So as bells gently jingle in warm Tonto light,
We wish happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


© Tonto Bar and Grill 2013