Look Who Takes the Cake!

Amanda Crick 2

Tonto Bar and Grill Pastry Chef Amanda Crick

When Tonto Bar and Grill Pastry Chef Amanda Crick started tinkering with desserts, she was not even old enough to work. The daughter of a school cook, the kitchen was a comfortable spot for her. Not only did she have natural talent; others began to notice that the kid from Cave Creek was good!

They’re still noticing, and she’s getting better every year. Her eye for not only what makes a delicious dessert, but what turns food into art, is what has made her so popular at Tonto’s and at our sister restaurant, Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House.

Most recently she was hired to do food staying for Vail and Telluride dining guides, and we think her work is icing on the cake. Check it out!

Thanks, Amanda, for 12 years and counting of making our lives a little sweeter.

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