Balancing a free and wasteful product

For 22 years, Tonto Bar & Grill has provided complimentary house-made bread to every guest at lunch and dinner — from our original three styles of bread to our most current offering, the four-seed baguette. Due to rising costs and our desire to reduce the amount of waste created when guests do not want bread, our basket offerings are in need of a change.

With the launch of our new autumn menu items on Wednesday, November 16, we will still offer the freshly-baked four-seed baguette, but it will no longer be free. Guests can now purchase a freshly-baked four-seed baguette basket, served with fresh butter, for $3.50. We will also continue to offer our gluten-free bread with fresh butter, at a price of $4.50 per basket. Though our complimentary bread is now off the table, we hope those who look forward to our basket offerings will still enjoy them while understanding our need to maximize the labor, energy and ingredients used to produce them. Thank you, and happy eating!