Tonto Bar & Grill is built on a strong foundation that transcends most restaurants’ missions. Not only do we take great pride in our food, drinks, and service – all of which are consistently outstanding – we also aim to preserve Arizona’s heritage through our cuisine and by sharing the stories of our property’s past. We fuse Southwestern and Native American ingredients and present them in a warm, welcoming atmosphere rich in Arizona lore.

Your Dog and Tonto:
ONLY ADA Service Dogs are allowed inside of the restaurant. A service dog must have a leash, harness, backpack, or vest with appropriate service credentials stated.

Tonto offers a “Pet-Friendly Patio” Please follow the below rules

  • You MAY NOT bring your pet (non ADA service dog) through the Restaurant.
  • The cocktail patio is the ONLY patio where pets are allowed. 
  • Per Arizona Health code all pets must stay outside of the restaurant.
  • Pets must stay on the ground and be leashed at all times.
  • Pets are NOT allowed on any seating and are not allowed to be in your lap.

Thank you for making everyone’s dining experience a happy one.

Our Team

Co-owner John Malcolm heads up the front of the house by personally greeting guests and remembering specific details of their preferences. John works closely with the servers, hostesses, and bartenders to ensure each guest has an exceptional experience. He has been in the hospitality business his whole life and brings a wealth of knowledge from five-star hotels, private clubs, and several restaurants. John graduated from the California Culinary Academy and has a solid background in all aspects of the business, including food, wine, and service.

Chef Kurtis Purdy joined Tonto with an extensive background in local restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Chef Purdy started as a sous chef where he ran the line and all of our catering and banquet business. He has since proved himself worthy to take over the entire culinary operation and continue our long heritage of promoting from within and passing along our culinary legacy.