At Tonto Bar & Grill, we want the entire family to feel welcome and have an outstanding experience. Created for those age 12 and under, our Kids Menu provides healthful options that will please even the most discriminating palates of younger diners.

Sandwiches / Hamburger 8.5

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries & Fruit
  • Maverick Burger or Cheeseburger with Fries & Fruit

South of the Border 8.5

  • Cheese quesadilla with side of fresh fruit
    – Add guacamole 2.5

Lotta Pasta 8.5

  • Noodles with butter only
  • Noodles with butter & cheese
  • Noodles with marinara only
  • Noodles with marinara & cheese

Entrees Pick Your Protein & Two Sides

  • All-Natural Filet of Beef 15.5
  • All-Natural Chicken Breast 12.5
  • Mesquite-Grilled Shrimp Skewer 13.5
  • Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Medallion 13.5Pick 2 sides:
    Fresh Fruit, Green Beans, Heirloom carrots, Grilled asparagus, Charred broccolini, Edamame squash, Organic quinoa, French Fries, Scalloped potatoes, Herbed Israeli couscous, Spätzle with Jarlsberg


  • Soda 3
  • Fresh Juice 3
  • Cactus Cool-Aid 3